§ Iris Recognition Application

The iris recognition application is free, open-source, cross-platform and developed in C++ and Qt.

What is its use?

The application provides a simple and intuitive interface for reading in images of eyes, comparing them, and verifying their identity.

A simple screenshot

Below you can see the application after it has read in an image of the eye, and detected the location of the pupil, iris and eyelids:

Application Screenshot

What kind of features does it have?

Some of the notable features are:

In general, the application implements the algorithms and methodology invented by Professor John Daugman (patent, 1, 2). The auto-detection parts use various other methods.

§ Download

The iris recognition application is available under the GPL licence for non-commercial research purposes on Linux, Mac and Windows desktops.

Source tarball


Mercurial repository

To get the mercurial branch simply run:

hg clone http://projectiris.co.uk/iris

Alternatively, you may view the changelog or browse the source.

§ Installation

In short (for Linux):

tar zxf iris-version.tar.gz
cd iris-version/

You can sample the application with two of the images of eyes available in that directory.

§ Report

A paper was also completed on the project which is available here:

PDF Icon

§ Authors

This application is the work of a few MSc Computing Science students at Imperial College London who created the application as a result of their group project. They are:

They worked under the supervision of Professor Duncan Gillies.

§ Contact